Battleground Blogging

Mike M came home from his polling place for lunch.

– – –

Since I ended up coming home for lunch during my break, I have a quick almost-real-time update! Turnout is extremely heavy, and there has been a half to whole hour wait to vote all morning. Our most experienced official said she hasn’t seen anything like it in the 24 years she’s been working, and only the Reagan elections in ’80 and ’84 were comparable.

There are 818 registered voters in my precinct, and when I left for lunch we were processing voter #240. That’s 29% turnout having shown up in 42% of the allotted time for the election. That projects out to around 65-70% at least because many people were still waiting in line to be processed. We could easily see 75-80% turnout for the day.

Things have gone smoothly despite the long lines. We have had only three provisional ballots cast, and one spoiled vote (the voter made her selections and walked off without hitting the button to record the actual vote). Just about everyone has been patient and willing to help each other out.

I have to finish wolfing down my lunch so I can get back, but I’ll have the rest of the report tonight!

– – –

Can’t wait, Mike.