Wargaming the Electoral College

Now that’s close, even more so than last week.

Ohio looks like Kerry could take it today, but we have yet to see how Friday’s debate plays out there. Kerry’s momentum might have slowed down, stopped altogether – or gained speed. I think Ohio will go for Bush, but I could be wrong. Today’s map reflects that. Iowa is iffy, too, but Nevada might be firming up for Bush.

Also, I promised to show you how tiny New Hampshire could determine the election. . .

There you go — and the results here are far from outrageous. I’ve left NH undecided – but its four votes, either way, could determine the election under this (and a couple other) scenarios.

Ready for a nailbiter?

UPDATE: Map fixed. I uploaded one of the Tie Scenarios I came up with last night, rather than the New Hampshire Decides It All map. Oops. Proper map now posted.