Demographic Hell

No wonder partisan Democrats hate Bush so much – it ain’t the war, stupid:

About 7 million members of the elderly cohort from that [Roosevelt-Truman-Kennedy-Johnson] Democratic presidential era have died since the 2000 election. And a Republican-leaning cohort that the Bush agenda aims to enlarge — owners of stock — continues to expand. In 1980, 20 percent of adults owned stock. Today 60 percent do, as do more than 70 percent of those who will vote on Nov. 2.

In addition to their economic rationale, the Bush tax cuts have the political purpose of crimping Democrats’ abilities to satisfy their factions’ desires for spending. And Bush’s private retirement, health and education savings accounts would implement the theory that, as Rauch says, Republicans will empower the people, who in turn will empower Republicans.

Whether you think Bush’s “ownership society” is a great idea or a lousy one, a way to reduce red ink or expand it — Democrats are right to be worried about it.