James Partridge Lennon: Troll

I just got home from running some errands and while I was out, decided to see just how cool MT-Blacklist is. No exciting chores today. Just a trip to the bank to deposit a check, to Home Depot for a drawer pull and a bi-fold door guide, the liquor store, etc. Lots of waiting in line and little to do. The mind wanders during such treks.

Waiting for a free self-check register at Home Depot, I started to wonder about the latest troll I had to ban from the site. (Details really aren’t important, but you can read them in the comment to this post, if you like. After getting the boot, JP came back under a pseuodnym. The “new” name was rude enough that I looked up the IP, and found “both” guys were from a Baltimore burb. Coincidence? S’yeah, right.) Anyway, it occured to me that if JP would post under one fake name, why not two?

So after I got the drawer pull installed and Melissa’s closet door fixed, I pulled up Blacklist and ran JP’s IP address through it. Turns out, JP has more fake names than an International Man of Mystery.

JP isn’t just JP, he’s also “martin sheeen,” “Ryan,” “STELLAN,” “Harvard Grad,” “BigHands,” “big hands,” “DRUDGE2,” “martin sheen” (with the customary two e’s), and, finally, “wow.” He’s also the author of an almost-completely unread weblog. His real name seems to be James Partridge Lennon of Washington, DC. But really, who knows?

Incidentally, using his “real” name, he’s proven fond of linking to his site in my comments. Needless to say, he won’t be doing that anymore.

Amazing what some folks will do for attention. Hope you enjoyed getting some, Mr. Lennon.