Burying the Lede

Christopher Hartwell was kind enough to send in a couple of groaners from today’s Washington Post. First up, reporters John Ward Anderson and Molly Moore:

After four years of fighting between Israelis and Palestinians, Israel has established dominance on the battlefield, sharply reduced loss of life among its soldiers and civilians, and advanced its own agenda for the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the absence of negotiations to bring peace, according to officials and analysts from both sides.

In a pivotal shift in the conflict, Israel has crippled the effectiveness of the Palestinian militants’ primary strategic weapon — the suicide bomber — with frequent military operations in the Palestinian territories, assassinations of dozens of militant leaders, improved intelligence, and construction of a massive barrier through and around the West Bank.

Big news, huh? Well, the editors at WaPo didn’t think so – they buried it on Page 22.

Same page, we learn that 100,000 South Koreans took to the streets to protest their communist brethren to the north:

SEOUL — An anti-communist rally drew about 100,000 South Koreans, some of whom clashed with police and burned North Korean flags as they denounced the North’s government and suspected nuclear arms programs.

The rally at City Hall plaza in the heart of the capital drew mostly elderly people, including Korean War veterans and Christians critical of the policies of President Roh Moo Hyun toward the North.

That’s wire copy, and it’s all the copy WaPo saw fit to print. Not only that, but it’s the very last item in the “World in Brief” summary. Wait – you say clicking the link doesn’t show you the story? That’s because WaPo further buried it on a second-page click-through.

Where do you think the story would have played if only 10,000 South Koreans were protesting at the American embassy?