A few things that caught my eye this morning:

Pace Dick Cheney, I’m glad Mark Steyn is on our side.

Sith Lord Reynolds has taken the Boeing–er, Concorde, no, Airbus. He’s also resurrected that old Darth Blogger picture. (Great piece, incidentally; fairly shocking to read this much good sense in The Guardian.)

Bob Novak says Kerry is boldly going where Al Gore has gone before.

I’ve also been watching the multitude of stories on potential vote fraud with some interest. I grew up in Alabama, where vote fraud is almost as much of a tradition as college football.

One of the perennial favorites is fraudulent absentee ballots, sometimes “discovered” in the last moments of vote-counting for a tight race (Greene County in particular is infamous for this), as well as the disgusting practice of campaign “volunteers” filling out ballots for catatonic Alzheimer’s and stroke victims in nursing homes.

I would go on to note which political party held monopoly power in the state while all of this was becoming standard practice (hint: it’s the same one that still dominates the crooked legislature), but nah, that’d be piling on.