Changing the Subject

Memos? What memos? Drudge has the transcript from the CBS Evening News. A couple key bits:


The dispute surrounds memoranda 60 Minutes says came from the personal file of Lt. Bush’s Air National Guard Commander, Lt Col Jerry Killian. …. Memos that accuse Mr Bush of disobeying an order and of using connections to have Killian “sugarcoat” Mr Bush’s record. (out)

However some experts doubt the authenticity of the memos. Killian’s secretary–in an interview for tonight’s 60 Minutes tells Dan Rather she too believes the memos are fake –but– accurately reflect KIllian’s view of Lt. Bush.


I know that I didn’t type them however, the information in those is correct.

So, as I predicted earlier, CBS (or rather, Rather) is trying to move the discussion (and their credibility) off the forgeries and onto the recollections of an 86-year-old former secretary.

Maybe Knox is right. Maybe the fake memos somehow reflect Killian’s real thinking. And I care about that as much as I care – yawn – about how many medals Kerry won, whether he threw them away, or if he really deserved all of them. Old news. I just. don’t. care.

What’s important is, CBS went on the air last week with documents they claimed were real, yet never fully vetted until forced to do so by Powerline and Little Green Footballs. In fact, tonight’s statement reveals that CBS still hasn’t really vetted the memos, even though they’ve had since Thursday to do so.

As promised, a second bit from the transcript:


Some at this network believe the backlash against the 60 Minutes report is pure politcics. But that’s the critics’ point as well–that fake, or real, the fact that 60 Minutes got these documents during an election year was no accident. Wyatt Andrews CBS News Washington.

Re-read the closer. “the fact that 60 Minutes got these documents during an election year was no accident.”

CBS isn’t just trying to shift the discussion, they’re also trying to shift the blame. To paraphrase: “Somebody gave us fake memos in an election year, somebody with something to gain.” The informed (liberal) viewer is supposed to assume that Sinister Republican Forces are to blame for the forgeries. What CBS didn’t say is, “However, it’s our fault for running with them.”

And whether the fakes came from Camp Bush or Camp Kerry, it is CBS’s fault for allowing themselves to get so badly suckered.