"There Will Be No Apology"

Watching Brit Hume’s show on Fox News, which for my money, is consistently the best political program on the air, anywhere. Hume interviewed former President Bush (41) today, and in part of the interview, Bush opined that Kerry should apologize to his fellow Vietnam veterans for the harsh claims Kerry made about them in 1971. According to Fox, the Kerry campaign flatly replied, “There will be no apology.”

That’s stupid of them.

Stupid, arrogant, and unnecessary. A Kerry apology, delivered with any perceivable level of sincerity, would defuse most of the Swift Vets controversy, and put any new attacks on Kerry over that testimony in an extremely bad light for much of the public.

Whether Kerry can’t bring himself to apologize out of personal stubbornness, or if he thinks it’ll be received as another flip-flop, or if the campaign thinks it would alienate the hard-core anti-war Left, or what, refusing flatly to even consider an apology is politically idiotic.