Media Spin Reaches Bin Laden

Scott Ott is on a major roll today. My fave:

A spokesman for Usama bin Laden today said the revered Muslim leader was “saddened by the incivility” of the speakers at this week’s Republican National Convention.

“We’re hearing a lot of anger and bitterness,” said the unnamed al Qaeda source. “Mr. bin Laden is chagrined at the provincial thinking and partisan spirit of Vice President Cheney, Senator Zell Miller and others. It makes one want to reach out and hug them and share with them the peace we have found in Allah.”

The reclusive philanthropist, who has raised millions of dollars for Muslim causes worldwide, plans to watch tonight’s speech by President George Bush.

Mr. bin Laden is said to hold out hope that “President Bush will strike a more conciliatory, sensitive tone and paint a picture of global harmony based on our shared values.”

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