Don't Panic!

Josh Marshall has some criticism and advice for the Kerry Campaign, and it’s spot-on:

There are articles about a possible shake-up among high-level staffers, blind quotes from Democratic insiders saying that after a couple more days it may be too late; and I’ve gotten a slew of emails from readers either asking me if I still think there’s hope or ranting that they’ve had it with Mary Beth Cahill or Stephanie Cutter or someone else.

All I can say is, really, really, shut up and calm down.

Politically, this is one of the worst things about Democrats — and it has many sources. As a group they seem to have a great tendency toward becoming disheartened, turning on their candidate, doubting his strategy, doubting his advisors, and so forth. Unfortunately, the candidates and advisors have an equal tendency to be open to that kind of fretting. And with the media playing the handmaiden to the synergizing anxiety, the whole thing can become very demoralizing and damaging for campaigns.

I gave my own advice to the Democrats after the disastrous 2002 election

What your problem really boils down to is, the War is a trump card and you refuse to play it.