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Everything New is Old Again

Another Kennedy in trouble:

Sen. Edward Kennedy's nephew, William Kennedy Smith, said on Monday he had quit his job to confront what he called false allegations by a former employee that he had sexually assaulted her five years ago.

"At this point I am focusing all my energies on dealing with the situation that confronts me. The damage has been done, but the truth will be sorted out," Kennedy, a doctor who founded and heads a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that helps disabled people in war-torn countries, told reporters.

Appearing to choke back tears of anger or frustration, Smith, 43, admitted he had a five-month relationship with Audra Soulias in 1999, who at the time was a 23-year-old employee of his Chicago-based organization.

I know how shocked you must be -- "a Kennedy with a job?" And yet it's true. And, yes, this is the same Kennedy from the famous 1991 rape trial.