Abandon Ship!

First, it was Maureen Dowd. Today, William Raspberry. Who will be the next Big Media pundit to distance themselves from John Kerry?

Click on the Comments and make your prediction.

NOTE: There are probably some Big Media pundits I’ve missed, other than Dowd and Raspberry. If there are, please let me know. And don’t you think Andrew Sullivan is starting to feel awfully lonely about now?


James Joyner notes that Don Imus has moved from being mildly pro-Kerry to “open minded.” Two other commenters say that on Fox, Susan Estrich isn’t exactly singing Kerry’s praises.

Estrich is a partisan Democrat, sure, but she’s also been a fair-minded analyst for Fox. She calls’em like she sees’em. Good for her — but because of that, I don’t know if she counts. And I can’t count Imus because, well, he’s Imus.