Tragedy of the Commoner

John Kerry — bad for American jobs? Read:

A proposal unveiled yesterday by Senator John Kerry to impose an eight percent royalty fee on minerals operations in the West would cost between 18,000 and 44,000 jobs and result in a net loss to the federal Treasury of $400 million to $500 million based on independent analyses. The $600 million dollars raised by the proposal would go to maintenance in the nation’s parks and hoped-for jobs creation in associated service businesses.

“We support the National Parks, but funding minimum wage jobs on the backs of miners is bad economics and is bad for the country,” National Mining Association President Jack Gerard said today. “Senator Kerry obviously has not done his math. He would destroy the highest paying jobs in Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, for example, to pay for entry-level service industry jobs and devastate mining communities throughout the West in the bargain.”


FYI: Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico are all states Kerry must at least be competitive in, if not outright win, in order to have any chance on November 2.



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