Rock the Apathy

Are you unable to solve a simple quadratic equation?

Have trouble making sense of a bus schedule?

Do you ask for help figuring out a 15% tip?

Collect more in benefits than you ever paid in taxes?

Think the news is for losers or geeks?

Agree with the old saw that Washington is “like Hollywood for ugly people”?

Don’t understand how to merge onto the freeway, use your turn signal, or use the left lane for something other than passing?

Ever considered Alec Baldwin as a role model?

Do you attach much weight to French opinion on matters other than food and wine?

Reek of patchouli?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then, come November 2nd, please sit your ass on the sofa all day and watch Family Matters reruns, or whatever it is you people do other than vote.

UPDATE: Not only, as this post shows, am I a mean SOB sometimes, but I really, really enjoy encouraging meanness in others. Have a pet peeve you think should disqualify someone from voting? Click on the Comments and let me know.