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Do Illinois Republicans finally have their man for the Senate?

After two days of deliberations capping an often-frustrating six-week search for a new candidate, the Illinois Republican Party on Wednesday night offered its U.S. Senate nomination to former GOP presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who does not live in the Land of Lincoln.

However, Keyes did not immediately accept the offer, saying he needed time to consider whether to run. He said he would announce a decision on Sunday.


Even if Keyes says “yes,” the answer to my question is still “no.”

Forget for the moment whether or not you agree with what Keyes has to say. Forget what a polished public speaker he is. Instead, ask yourself, “Does Alan Keyes pass the Wild-Eyed Crazy Man Test?”

On a few issues dear to the hearts of oh-so-conservative Republicans, you couldn’t ask for a better match than Keyes — but you could sure as hell hope for a better candidate. All too often, Keyes comes across as almost-disturbingly unpolitic. And while that might work for certain other crazies running for Congress in “safe” districts, it doesn’t bode well for someone running for statewide office.

I like Keyes, but I don’t think he stands a chance of getting elected in Illinois.



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