Two Years (And One Day) Later

Not much to say about Melissa’s and my second anniversary, except that everything was perfect.

I got a map of Italy from 1863, she got a few pearls. Although I can’t wear the old map, I still think I got the better end of the deal — I’ve got a thing for old maps. Well, old maps and outspoken brunettes. Especially the brunettes.

If you live in Colorado Springs, visit Walter’s Bistro at the new location. It’s where Bell’s Deli used to be. It might just be the best dining in town. Started off dinner with an appetizer called “Steak & Eggs.” Usually, when I order that, I’m at Denny’s after Last Call, and I have to use a lot of A-1 to make the meat edible.

Walter’s version consists of a superb (by which I mean: “very fresh and extremely garlicky”) steak tartare with a sunny-side-up quail’s egg on top. Yum. Melissa started her meal with the lobster bisque. I don’t usually care for lobster — too sweet for my tastes — but this stuff was so good, Melissa had to thwap me on the back of the hand twice for stealing from her bowl.

There was also wine and lamb and veal and three (yes, three) desserts.

Best of all, I got to spend 36 hours with my bride, uninterrupted.

And now we return you to the usual blogging.