Wasn't Wine That I Had Too Much Of

Double-shot of Lileks goodness for us this morning, starting with his elusive syndicated column (don’t bother registering, just check BugMeNot for a login):

So what do we do with a guy who not only treats his trousers as a diplomatic pouch but was national security adviser during the years when al-Qaida feasted on American laziness? Why, put him back in power, of course.

Kerry’s own Web site runs a Los Angeles Times story describing Berger as Kerry’s ”foreign policy adviser.” Add Berger to another ”expert” Kerry has paraded as an ally, Joe Wilson of ”yellowcake” fame. Wilson has been utterly discredited, his assertions debunked. His Web site still asserts that President Bush lied about Iraqi interest in nuclear materials. It still concludes with the words ”Paid for by John Kerry for President Inc.”

That’s Team Kerry for keeping American safe, apparently. It does not suggest a bench that’s terribly deep, but this won’t matter to those whose hatred of Bush exceeds any concern over Berger’s sticky fingers. Cue predictable response: ”It’s not like Berger lied and we went to war and people died for nothing and we’re not safer and what about Iran? Huh?” Subject changed, mission accomplished.

… followed up by one of the more eclectic Bleats in recent memory (and that’s saying something). Highlight for the Vodkasphere: a link to premium North Korean liquors at Beautiful Atrocities.

Hey, Steve, bet you never had an Acorn Martini!