Score One for Big Media

Dallas News excerpted yesterday’s “CYA” essay for their Vox Pop column. I’m sharing space with Josh Marshall and Hugh Hewitt, and that’s pretty fine company.

Talked to editorial page editor Rod Dreher for a few minutes yesterday morning, and this guy is — I hope — the future of print news. He’s young (about my age), he’s smart, and he “gets” blogs. That’s the whole purpose of the Vox Pop feature, in fact. It’s a newspaper column made up of what bloggers are saying on the day’s Big Issue.

That’s smart. Or as Rod said yesterday, “a lot of the hot stuff these days is coming from blogs.” And maybe even from his own paper’s blog. Yep, Dallas News now has a blog written by its editorial staff. Again — that’s smart. One of the big disconnects between editorialists/columnists and readers is that they (the writers) tend to be too damn stuffy. You don’t see George Will using many penis jokes, that’s for sure. The Dallas News blog lets the editorial staff relax a little, and connect with their readers better.

Check it out.

NOTE: Rod, there’s just one thing wrong with your Vox Pop feature — it doesn’t link to the bloggers! And as every good blogger knows, hyperlinks make the blog.

Don’t be afraid to send your readers off-site. They’ll come back. Trust me.