"Get the hell out of my way."

More Colorado news:

The Passing Lane Law, aimed at improving traffic flow and reducing road rage, took effect Thursday.

The law forbids motorists on multi-lane state highways from driving in the far left lane except to pass or to make a left turn. State troopers will not cite drivers when the amount of traffic makes merging right impossible.

Years of motorists’ complaints of clogged, congested highways caused by slow drivers not allowing others to pass prompted the State Patrol to seek the change, said Master Trooper Ron Watkins.

Driving slowly in the left lane where “Slower Traffic Keep Right” or “Keep Right Except to Pass” signs are posted was already illegal.

However, only select stretches of highway, such as those with steep inclines, bore the signs. The new legislation applies to all state highways with a speed limit of 65 mph or higher.

The following is a VodkaPundit Public Service Announcement:

Drivers of minivans, Volvos, and contractor pickup trucks, as well as old people and women on cell phones — your attention please. The law covers the entire stretch of I-25 between the North Academy exit in Colorado Springs and Denver’s C-470 interchange.

If you’re caught dawdling anywhere in that area, I hope a cop puts a ticket so far in your pants, it would make Sandy Berger cringe.

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