They Want What You Have. Help Them Get It.

From Hong Kong, where hundreds of thousands demonstrated today, two voices among the multitude:

“We dare to say no to the ruler,” Jackie Hung, convener of the Civil Human Rights Front, told a large crowd before the march began. “The ruler cannot take away our rights. We want our rights back.”

Many protesters expressed anger at what they said were signs of growing interference in Hong Kong affairs by Beijing and efforts to intimidate the public before the march and ahead of key legislative elections in September.

[T]he punishing weather didn’t stop Ng King-lun, 82, who took up the rear of the procession.

“Even if I can’t enjoy democracy, I want our next generation to be able to live in a democratic society,” he said. “I am here to fight for their rights, too.”


Those simple words spoken aloud took more courage than you and I will probably ever know. Shame on us if we don’t listen, and give our aid.

Greater shame on those who’ll provide propaganda to the barbaric Chinese dictatorship, and speak blithely of their own ‘courage’ to exercise rights others would die to gain.

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