Kerry-Nunn? Bush Should Be So Lucky

According to a gossip column in the New York Post, the current frontrunner in John Kerry’s Veepstakes is former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn.

Dubya should be so lucky.

Nunn might be the only potential VP mentioned thus far who’s even duller than Kerry on the stump, and while his accent definitely isn’t Boston Brahmin, he’s no less the patrician. He led the Senate fight against approving the first Gulf War, and hasn’t been a significant player in national politics since losing that vote. Nunn’s party is on its way to being shut out of power in his home state, and the last time he stood for election was nearly eight years ago.

As for those who think Nunn could help Kerry win Georgia, I have but one question: Did Lloyd Bentsen help Dukakis win Texas?

I’ve said it ‘afore, and I’ll say it again: I live in Atlanta, and Bush couldn’t lose Georgia even if he were caught in bed on live television with the proverbial dead girl or live boy, plus a shaved goat tied to the bedpost.