Plan B II

From the Daily Telegraph:

Reading the IAEA’s reports on Iran in the past year, there are good reasons to fear that the mullahs, behind the guise of a civil nuclear power programme, are secretly trying to build an atomic bomb or at least develop a “just in time” capability to build one at short notice.

A nuclear Iran would precipitate a Middle East arms race that could prompt Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to secure their own nukes. Israel is unlikely to sit idly by while Iran arms itself with atomic weapons and long-range missiles.

As the IAEA’s governors meet in Vienna this week to decide how to deal with Iran’s latest evasions, Mr ElBaradei has told the Telegraph that Teheran keeps “changing its story”. Despite good progress, the IAEA chief said inspections “cannot go on forever”. Sound familiar?


All too familiar. The rest of the piece is even scarier.


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