A Worthy Cause

Every real guy knows that sometimes, some other guy you know is in serious need of getting his ass kicked. You know the guy I’m talking about — he’s got a smart mouth, and a brain too stupid to tell it to stop wagging in the breeze.


Today, Harold Meyerson needs an ass-kicking. I’ve got a martini-and-a-half past my throat, which should make for perfect fisking weather. But I don’t have the time. Not tonight. Not with a kitchen to demolish tomorrow.

So. If anyone wants to give Mr. Meyerson the fisking he’s just begging to receive, I’m offering an open invitation. Post it in the Drinks section, and I’ll turn it into a genuine blog post (complete with due credit) if I think it’s a worthy enough kicking-of-the-ass. Or send it to me in an email, and ditto. Or post it on your own blog, let me know about it, and I’ll link it as prominently and with as much praise as I think it deserves.

Harold is really begging to get his ass kicked, so do a guy a favor, won’t you?


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