Since there’s a war on, our ever-vigilant government remains on the lookout for new dangers to the Republic:

Attorney John Thompson, whose complaints about Howard Stern helped prompt Clear Channel to banish the jock and the FCC to fine the company almost half a million dollars, says he has faxed a complaint to the FCC about Sunday night’s 60 Minutes broadcast, in which singer Mary J. Blige uttered an under-her-breath “shit.”

According to Thomson, he sent the complaint yesterday to FCC Chairman Michael Powell and his senior legal adviser. He did not contact CBS or 60 Minutes and neither had any comment. One CBS spokesperson confirmed the word had aired, though another expressed some doubt.

Thompson was alerted by a piece on The Schnitt Show on Clear Channel’s WIOD(AM) Miami.


Heh, “Schnitt Show.” Can they say that on the air?


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