Air America could prove to be a modern American success story — and I mean that in the worst possible way. The network is trying to sue its way to riches:


Air America, for its part, filed suit against Multicultural Wednesday in New York state Supreme Court, charging it with breach of contract and seeking an injunction forcing Air America back on the Chicago station.

Wednesday, Will Collier noted that the First Amendment doesn’t exactly require broadcast outlets to carry any particular program. Problem is, the courts and Congress decided long ago that the airwaves are public property, and therefore aren’t subject to the same Constiutional protections newspapers receive. So who knows what the courts will decide.

The worst part of the story, however, is this:

Jean Heinemeyer, general manager of Multicultural’s New York station, said the station has been flooded with calls from irate Air America listeners over the past 36 hours.

And he lashed out at a tongue-in-cheek Air America “press release” in which the network was going to resolve the matter, vigilante-style, by putting a crowbar to Liu’s head.

“It’s more than sophomoric,” said Heinemeyer. “It’s disgusting and frightening.”

The release was removed from the site Thursday.

If you’re not sure what word best describes Air America’s executives, it’s “punks.”


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