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Car Talk

The VodkaFamily car-buying experience continues.

Last night we went to the local Jeep-Chrysler dealer to test drive the Liberty, Grand Cherokee, and the Pacifica.

One look told us everything we needed to know about the Liberty -- too small to be the hauler Melissa needs. So we didn't even ask to drive it. If the back seats need to go down just to make a trip to Sam's Club, and you've got two adults in front. . . then what, the baby has to ride on the luggage rack? Bad enough the little un(?)conceived bugger will get his first sunburn at six months, riding around town in daddy's convertible.

Melissa drove the Grand Cherokee Limited around the way, and was impressed. Nice ride, pretty damn good pick-up for a medium-size SUV (thanks to the 4.7 liter V-8), and the leather is first rate. I