Okay, Steve, I got your Tom Clancy droolfest right here

This has got to take the cake. There’s an apparently legitimate eBay auction going on for a pre-owned Navy F/A-18A fighter. Bidding currently stands at $1.25 million, and the seller says he’ll make the jet airworthy for another $9 million.

Hey, buyer–I know a weapons guy who’s available for a reasonable price. Pay off my house, and I’ll troubleshoot the avionics for you.

No, wait, I’d go to jail if I did that. Never mind.

UPDATE: According to Slashdot, the same seller also has a MiG-29 and an F-16 going on the market.

I’ve flown in an F-16. As Ferris Bueller would say, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: The auction has been pulled from eBay as of Tuesday morning (2/17).

UPDATE^3: It’s back, now limited to “pre-approved bidders.” Starting price has leapt up to $29 million, so count your pennies…