'Til Daddy Takes the Intern Away

This one is via Pejman:

Late this morning, DrudgeReport.com alleged that a new scandal was about to rock the campaign of Democratic frontrunner John Kerry: some sort of purported recent marital “infidelity” that involved a woman who once worked for the Associated Press, and has now supposedly “fled the country.” According to the site, this story was being investigated by the AP, The Washington Post, Time magazine and ABC network.

Reached by E&P for comment, AP spokesman Jack Stokes said, “We simply don’t comment on stories we are pursuing or not pursuing.”


The idea that the AP would sit on its hands, rather than at least quietly check out the allegations, is laughable. Right now, everybody is calling everyone.

And breaking on a Thursday, no one will have any answers by tomorrow, which means the thing is gonna run all weekend, and right through Tuesday’s primary votes.

Fun, fun, fun.


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