But What About Berets?

Topple the Taliban? It hardly said a word. Oust Saddam and occupy Iraq? Nothing but silence. So what does get the Arab Street riled up? The French, of course:


Hundreds of Egyptian women staged a sit-in at Cairo University to protest the French parliament’s approval of a law banning the Muslim headscarf in state schools.

Over 300 hijab-wearing students gathered on campus this Wednesday to denounce the French National Assembly’s decision that could bring the dress-code law one step closer.

“My veil is the way to paradise,” read one banner in English. “Shame on you France,” read another. “French democracy is false.”

The Arab Street has learned — finally — to respect American power. But when it comes to garlic-scented europocrisy, Arabs are rightly upset.

Re-read that last quoted banner, and try to explain how it could be incorrect.


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