When We Were Young and Gay

This is why I hate it when good ends come from bad means:

The Massachusetts court ruling demanding the approval of same-sex marriages is bound to have political implications on the campaign trail as Democratic contenders continue to vie for their party’s nomination to run against President Bush in November.

“I would think this will be the hot button social issue of this campaign,” said Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew P. Napolitano. “Like a lot of these social issues it will wind up in the Supreme Court.”

In his State of the Union address last month, President Bush essentially promised to use the Constitution to knock down any court rulings allowing same-sex marriages.


I’m all for gay marriage, as I’m sure readers here know. But the Massachusetts Supremes just handed Bush a wedge issue which could very well set back the gay marriage movement.

It’s tough for the law to jump ahead of the culture without creating Roe v Wade-type endless rancor — especially when it tries to do so by judicial fiat. And culturally, I’m afraid, we might not be ready for nation-wide gay marriage. The best hope is that the national Supreme Court stays the hell out of this one, and lets the issue evolve — and progress — more naturally.


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