Not Over Yet

Delegates won so far:

A tally of delegates by MSNBC shows Kerry picking up 119 after Tuesday’s contests in South Carolina, Missouri, Delaware, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico and North Dakota. That gives him a total of 262 to date, according to MSNBC tallies.

Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, who won the South Carolina primary, picked up 61 delegates for a total of 97 to date. Those gains put him in third place in the delegate tally behind former front-runner Howard Dean who picked up seven delegates on Tuesday for a total to date of 121.

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, who scored a narrow win over Edwards in Oklahoma, picked up 44 delegates for a total to date of 80, MSNBC said.

To secure the presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July a candidate needs to amass 2,162 delegates out of a possible 4,322.


The groundhog saw his shadow Monday, meaning six more weeks of primary races.


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