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Methinks He Doth Protest to Little

From ABC News:

In the first action from Pakistan's probe into allegations of nuclear proliferation, the government on Saturday fired the revered founder of the country's atomic program from his job as a top adviser and confined him to his home.

The moves against Abdul Qadeer Khan considered a national hero for giving Pakistan its nuclear deterrent against India and the Islamic world its first atomic bomb came as investigators narrow their pursuit of nuclear scientists' black market ties to Iran and Libya.

Opposition Islamic parties called the action against Khan baseless and said they would take to the streets in protest against what they labeled yet another case of President Gen. Pervez Musharraf caving in to the West.

Funny that the al Jazeera version of the story fails to mention either Khan's house arrest or the threatened protests.

The protests themselves are interesting, if indeed they do happen. Popular support for Islamic nuclear proliferation would be just one more indication that despite Afghanistan and Iraq, the broader Islamic world just doesn't get it: We're serious this time.

But my guess is, the angry Arab Street (OK, OK, Paks aren't technically Arab) will fail -- once again -- to amount to much.