Blame Kucinich!

Excuse-mongering is already in full swing at Dean’s Blog for America.

A few samples:

*Kucinich was an inside the beltway decoy giving votes to Edwards, Geppie ran a kamikazee campaign, Edwards and Kerry handed all the power to Bush and stole our civil liberties and money through taxes and war.

*I hate to say it and I never ever wanted to but in my opinion Kucinich either didn’t know what he was doing tossing his support to Edwards, or he is just another Washington DC rat fink. Simply put, how could Kucinich toss support to a man who voted for the war?

*The media’s strategy was to raise Dean’s negative numbers. It worked perfectly. You have to hand it to them. They certainly know their craft.


Most of what I’ve read, however, tends to be either thoughtful or nice post-loss cheerleading.

But what’s the fun in picking out those kinds of comments?


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