California Party Tips

It looks like Golden State Democrats are struggling to cope with their new Republican governor:

“After every defeat there is always a struggle within the losing party,” said former Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat, who was removed from office in an October recall election. “When you lose an election, it is time for introspection and to redefine the goals of the party. That process clearly will begin at this convention.”

Mr. Davis said that his main purpose would be to thank the party rank and file for their support during his 30 years in state politics, but that he would also offer some thoughts about the road ahead. Since leaving office two months ago, Mr. Davis has been exploring writing a book about his governorship but has not taken up other work.

“I believe the Democratic Party is a big-tent party and should speak to the aspirations of everyone under the tent, from the poor to the middle class,” Mr. Davis said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles. “We need to be a party of hope and upward mobility.”


Let me remind you that that’s Gray Davis talking. Gray Davis, who demagogued his way to victory in two gubernatorial elections. Gray Davis, who was the first California governor ever removed from office in a recall election. Gray Davis, who has every reason to retreat into his shell and mutter nasty things about everyone.

Yet Gray Davis already gets what national Democrats haven’t learned after three years: We want our politicians free of bitterness, free of hatred, and espousing a positive message.

I never thought I’d say this, but anyone looking for some tiny bit of sanity from today’s Democratic Party might want to take a look at California.


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