Gotcha Again

Joe Lieberman:

“Yesterday, Wesley Clark attacked me for pointing out his multiple positions on the war in Iraq. It is no longer credible for Wesley Clark to assert that he has always had only one position on the war – being against it. His own testimony before Congress shows otherwise.

“He may think it is ‘old-style politics’ to point this out, but the only thing old here is a candidate not leveling with the American people. If we want to begin anew and replace George Bush, we need to level with the American people, which is what I have done in this campaign and throughout my career. You may not always agree with me but you will always know where I stand.”


I might change my party affiliation to Democrat just to vote for Lieberman this spring. (I changed it from Libertarian to Republican in 2000, to vote against John McCain in that year’s primary, and never bothered to change it back.)


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