Plan for Iran

Major broadcast Sunday night:

A Plan for the peaceful removal of the Islamic Regime of Iran will be announced during a live program broadcast on many Iranian satellite TV and Radio stations. The program starts at 10 AM PST from NITV studios in Los Angeles and will last for 6 hours, including a fundraising segment to support the plan. Other media who have confirmed the live broadcast of this program include Pars TV, Radio Sedaye Iran, Radio Yaran, Radio Sedaye Emrooz, Rangarang TV, Apadana TV, and Lahzeh TV.

This program can also be seen live via the Internet at who will provide a FREE link on that day.


Hat tip goes to Roger Simon, who I hope will TiVo the thing.

UPDATE: You might want to read this post from July, regarding last time revolution was bubbling in Irana.


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