The Brutal Truth

Iran’s mullahs still don’t get it:

President Mohammad Khatami said Tuesday U.S. aid to earthquake victims in Iran, while welcome, would not alter the state of relations between the two arch foes who broke off ties nearly a quarter century ago.

“I don’t think this incident will change our relations with the United States,” Khatami told a news conference in the capital of southeastern Kerman province where officials say up to 50,000 people were killed in a quake that struck Friday.


Of course American aid to Iranian earthquake victims won’t improve our relations with Iran. Their government still denies basic freedoms to its people, still tries to treat women as chattel, is still pursuing nuclear weapons, still provides financial and material support to terrorist groups, and is still just a bloody-minded bunch of 14th Century theocrats who cling to power through midnight arrests and occassionally shooting its restless college students.

We’re helping because we want to, and because we can. That’s just how we Americans are. If we wanted to buy Tehran’s friendship, we’d call ourselves France.


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