Digging Through the Archives

Considering the news the last couple of days, this Neil Cavuto editorial from last March is worth re-reading:

I do find it interesting that ever since we announced an ultimatum to Iraq, there has been a lot of back peddling from our so-called friends. France is volunteering to help us rebuild and Germany is saying, we always loved the U.S.

Once “out” countries want “in.”

Turkey’s scrambling to offer room for our troops. Russia’s just trying to staying quiet. And before long, I half expect Belgium to send our soldiers chocolates.

It’s amazing what a little decisiveness can do. Suddenly fence sitters become armchair helpers.

I just hope this country has a good memory. That we not forget how so many other countries left us high and dry.

How the Germans, of all people, had the gall to call us militaristic.

How the French called us duplicitous.

How they flew around Africa, literally trying to buy off countries to block us.

And now they’re feeling blocked. And now they’re worried — very worried.

What will happen to their deals and their contracts and their business commitments in the Gulf? I know a place they can put those deals and those contracts and those commitments.

It’s amazing these guys think we’re dumb enough to forgive and forget. They know us well: We’re so decent we do forgive and we do forget.

Me? Sadly, I’m a tad more vindictive.

I remember the ones who said they were my friends and proved it. I remember more the ones who said they were my friends and did not.


More true now than then.


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