Drinking Games

A short & sweet recap of Friday night’s fun & frolic.

First, I owe Zombieboy a drink. He’s a real gentleman, and when I say that, I mean: He bought me a martini, and never even asked for a kiss goodnight.


The Rocky Mountain News‘s Linda Seebach is a real lady, and I can say that because she never lost her cool, even when a certain unnamed blogger (not me) almost set her coat on fire. Also, she knows more about Turkey than some people who have been there.

Darren Copeland‘s girlfriend is damn near as pretty as my bride, which speaks well of him. He speaks pretty well for himself, too — as a radio guy should.

Three other new-to-me bloggers were there as well. Say hi to Chris, Jed, and Tim. I’d say nice things about them, except they’re reall all such retched individuals. (I kid, of course. So go over and check out their blogs.)

Andy still drinks too much, Matt still needs a haircut (or he at leasy should spend less time licking electrical outlets), Matt and Ali are still engaged, Jeff still isn’t blogging, and his bride is still knocked up. She’s due on January 11, with a boy to be named Sachel.

I’m sure I’ve missed someone or two, but give me a break — Zombyboy really was trying to get me drunk.


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