"Holidays in Hell"

Tired of how CNN reports on Iraq? Sick of defeatism from The New York Times? Certain you can’t do anything to change any of it?

Don’t be so sure — blogger Gavin Sheridan wants to go to Iraq to do some first-hand reporting, and you can help him make the trip:


You might think me crazy but I am planning a trip to Iraq with some fellow freelance journos in the Spring. ‘Why?’ You might ask. Truth be told I really just want to a few things:

1. See what Iraq is like as a country
2. To understand the current state of the occupation/transitional arrangement
3. Measure morale of the Iraqi people and US Forces
4. To get to know some Iraqi people
5. To meet with some US/UK troops

That’s my list for now, though it is likely to expand. We are currently looking at Baghdad only, though we are considering a trip to Basra.

Click on the link, check it out, and maybe even make a donation.


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