Moon Beams or Moon-Bats?

Senate testimony of Dr. David R Criswell:

Solar power bases will be built on the Moon that collect a small fraction of the Moon’s dependable solar power and convert it into power beams that will dependably deliver lunar solar power to receivers on Earth. On Earth each power beam will be transformed into electricity and distributed, on-demand, through local electric power grids. Each terrestrial receiver can accept power directly from the Moon or indirectly, via relay satellites, when the receiver cannot view the Moon. The intensity of each power beam is restricted to 20%, or less, of the intensity of noontime sunlight. Each power beam can be safely received, for example, in an industrially zoned area.


The link is from Drudge, which makes it doubly difficult to think this guy is the same Criswell who used to hang out with (and star in movies by) Ed Wood. If you don’t know him, pick up two movies this weekend. The so-terrible-it’s-still-terrible “Plan Nine from Outer Space,” and Tim Burton’s so-great-it’s-just-so-great “Ed Wood.”

Jeffrey Jones (best-known as the principal, Ed Rooney, in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) played Criswell in “Ed Wood,” and was far better at it than Criswell ever was.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s a different Criswell, since one was an astrologist or something, and the other is an astronomer or something. But the important question is, will the moon beams be Wi-Fi enabled so I’ll never have to recharge my laptop again?

More importantly, why does Microsoft Word already know how to spell “Criswell?”


I’m sure this post had a point, originally, but I make no excuses other than a stern finger wagged in the general direction of my martini glass.


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