It's Fun to Be Right

Yesterday, concerning Iraq’s offer of last-minute concessions to the US, I wrote:

The anti-war folks will tell you this story (if true, although I have no reason to doubt it) startles because we rejected such a generous offer. Surely, they’ll claim, the chance of inspections led by the US military and the promise of free elections made avoidable (or at least delay-able) the horrors of war.


Today there’s this from the editorial page of the New York Times:

With crucial details unexplored, there is no way of knowing whether war could or should have been avoided, or indeed whether the offer was genuine or what kind of inspections would have been allowed. Any last-minute offer might have been unacceptable, particularly if it meant leaving Saddam Hussein’s Baathist torturers in power. Yet surely Washington should have made the effort to learn more.

Didn’t take long, did it?

On a similar note, my contest is still open.


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