Sea Dogs

Blogger Adam Yoshida issues a call to arms for a “Defeat Dean Day.”

While I don’t agree with all of Yoshida’s complaints against Dr. Dean (nor with his plan), this one is right on the money:


Howard Dean has shown himself to be a coward as well. He has to decide whether or not to accept Federal Matching funds for his campaign. He has raised enough money that he need not do so and, from a utilitarian perspective, it would be best for him to abandon the limits. The problem is that Dean is a strong supporter of strict campaign finance laws. Therefore, he has asked his supporters to vote on the issue, thereby ducking a tough decision. What would President Dean when the United States came under attack from Islamists – hold a national referendum on whether to retaliate?

Reminds me of an old sea story. I can’t say if it’s true, but it certainly contains Truth. Done with maneuvers, a US Navy aircraft carrier skipper decided to let his crew vote on which port to visit for shore leave. He was promptly relieved of command.

If you don’t understand why the captain lost his job, then go on and vote for Dean.


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