Get'em Young

Nazi Germany had the Hitler Youth. The Soviet Union had Young Pioneers. Austin Bay says that the Islamofascists have borrowed yet another page from the 20th Century’s worst killers:


Al Qaeda has its own school system. Al Qaeda-backed madrassahs serve as Islamo-fascist recruitment and training centers, with the Koran as interpreted by Osama bin Laden their core text. Graduates hijack jets and commit mass murder.

“Alternative” education, of course, challenges the terror cadres’ noxious curriculum. Thus, the terrorists wage war on “Western” education. The war on liberal education rarely makes the news because sources are so effectively silenced. Islamist terrorists use a mafioso method, personally threatening Muslim intellectuals and scholars. Here’s the offer the scholar can’t refuse: Shut up, or we kill you. In lands without the rule of law, radical guns hush rational voices.

There’s more, including how we can help Iraq build a real education system — and that’s today’s Required Reading.


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