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While I don’t agree with all the particulars in this Daniel Henninger op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, I surely agree with his premise:

The men who made the American Constitution understood that nothing in the pristine vapors of their nation was so special or unique as to ensure that Jack would never despise the opinions of Tom–and more than anything would like to shut Tom up, for starters. It is clear in the Federalist Papers that the Founders, above all, tried to reduce the destruction often done to civil life by political factions. I don’t know that James Madison is spinning in his grave over the factionalism washing through U.S. politics, but surely he is heaving heavy sighs.


So what went wrong?

(And if your answer is based on “the liberals – or conservatives – are all to blame,” then you don’t have an answer at all. You’re part of the problem.)


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