"Who's Next?"

Here’s the above-the-mast teaser from Drudge:

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have concluded a secret agreement on “nuclear cooperation” that will provide the Saudis with nuclear-weapons technology in exchange for cheap oil, the WASHINGTON TIMES will report on Wednesday, sources tell DRUDGE… Developing Hard…


I’m not normally one to defend the Saudis — and I won’t today. Not quite.

Before you go off thinking the Haus of Saud wants a bomb to sneak into, say, midtown Manhattan, think instead about their more immediate threat. If the Saudis want nukes (and I don’t doubt they do) the US is, at the most, their secondary target. Iran is the traditional Arab enemy, for reasons both racial and religious. And if the Saudis are willing to risk our temper, then my concern is less about the Saudis having a bomb (although that does worry me), than about how close the Iranians are to getting a few.

Something to think about.


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