Only in America

Also in today’s New York Times, Austrian journalist Anneliese Rohrer has this to say about Arnold:

Still, despite our pride over Mr. Schwarzenegger’s election, there is open agreement, and relief, that it would have been impossible here. Stars, whether from entertainment or sports, have all failed politically in a country where party politics is a lifetime profession. This is not a land of self-made men who can take positions on issues contrary to their own party. And Mr. Schwarzenegger’s one-liners (and those of the other candidates) would have been perceived as a sign of an inferior intellect.

Austria is basking in Mr. Schwarzenegger’s California triumph. We are enjoying the moment. But although we admire Mr. Schwarzenegger for what we are not, unlike Americans, we’d never elect him.


Whether you love the Governor-Elect or hate him, the answer to Ms. Rohrer’s cynical sense of relief is here.


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