David Warren is writing about gay marriage (again).

Here’s the part I loved:

The long-established heterosexual norm took a long time to be established. Once again, we must look back to the pre-Christian and non-Hebrew ancient world, or look outside the West today, or into prison wards, to find social orders in which male homosexuality is “normal”, in which it becomes the alternative bond of society.


Ah, yes — modern, Christian social norms are the only things keeping me from spending my Friday nights away from home, cruising gay bars, wearing the Leather Man outfit I sold my soul to pay for.

And I’d be screwing the pooch, too, if only those damn Progressives would get busy and repeal those nasty laws against bestiality.

Seriously though, you might find it interesting that Warren thinks that “prison wards” are a microcosm of human society. (He argued in the paragraph above that if it happens there, it will happen here — so don’t think I’m putting words in his mouth.) In other words, we’re all a bunch of would-be criminals with low impulse control.

What is it about some Christians that makes them think simple human decency is impossible minus the threat of the wrath of God? If Warren thinks history is his guide, I can provide him with an endless list of atrocities committed in the name of his god — usually with the same justifications he uses for his assaults on homosexuals.


Just to be clear: I’m not attacking Christianity in particular, or religion in general here. My question is about the particular mindset evidenced by Warren, and I’d really like it answered.


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