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Dave Barry wants you to support the arts:

This blog was just thinking how interesting it would be if a whole bunch of people submitted poems that contained a certain key poetic phrase. To see how it might work, this blog submitted a poem under the pen name of “Freemont A. Harkins,” entitled: “A Sad Day.” Here’s how it goes:

A Sad Day

i am sad, so very sad
the tears run down my nose
it was a happy day until
the dog ate mother’s toes

You can see this poem at, using the search engine to search for “Freemont Harkins.” Wouldn’t it be fun if a lot of people submitted poems using a Pen Name that began with “Freemont” and incorporating the phrase, “the dog ate mother’s toes”? Then we all could search for poems written under the first name of “Freemont” — currently, this blog is the only one — and see how creative everybody was!


As Harkins A. Freemont, I subitted this dreck:


She was lovely
Lovely like a rose
Her teeth, like thorns
Ate my mother’s toes

It’s OK to cry.

(Hat tip to Ken Layne.)

UPDATE: Read this one from e.e.freemont.


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