Parking Is Gonna Be a Bitch

Ralph Peters puts events in Iraq into perspective:

During the war, unseasoned journalists reported every minor exchange of fire as if it were the Little Big Horn, Part Two. Now, the obsession of reporters with every sprained ankle in our occupation force ignores the tremendous good we have done, the strategic advantages we have gained – and the potential, at last, for a measure of meaningful progress in the world’s most politically, culturally and morally backward region.

If we took the criteria for instant failure that the media and our most self-interested politicians apply to Iraq and applied them here at home, the U.S. government would be obliged to evacuate California and abandon Mississippi, since two shooting incidents in those states last week killed more Americans than did the low-level violence in Iraq.

Clearly, our 150-year-old annexation of California has been a failure – likewise, the reintegration of Mississippi in the years since our Civil War. Let’s just pack up and go home.


Really, nothing good seems to have come out of leaving the Olduvai Gorge a quarter million years ago. Shall we all just pack up and go home?


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